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                                                WINPEX group training session ——Tax on thoes things

                                                  In the afternoon of May 11th, the 2017 first WINPEX group  training session was carried out in Jin Hao training classroom. The theme of training was "Tax on thoes things", and it mainly for the basic tax knowledge by the finance manager, Zhou Yi.

                                                  There was a full house before the beginning of the training session, some even took seats with themselves.The content of this training is closely related to our daily work and life. The finance manager mainly started from three perspects included value added tax, enterprises income tax and individual income tax. In addition, the tax related to the business operation set off a discussion.

                                                  With the group grows, to become a benchmark in the industry and to be listed in the market are the common persuit of the group. Therefore, 

                                                NINGBO WINPEX GROUP CO., LTD.

                                                Add: No.818 Jinyuan Road, Yinzhou Investment Business Center, Ningbo China

                                                Tel: +86-574-28869604


                                                E-mail: marketing2@www.hrbwdhg.com